postdoc position in abiotic stress signaling

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postdoc position in abiotic stress signaling

Marcel Quint
Dear colleagues,
I would appreciate if you could bring this opening to the attention of
potential candidates:

The Leibniz Institute of Plant Biochemistry (IPB), Germany, invites
applications to fill the positions of
a Postdoc and a Ph.D. student.

We are looking for creative, flexible, and enthusiastic new team members
with a Masters/Ph.D. degree in Biology, Biochemistry, or Agriculture (or
equivalent) to join the our Research Group in the Department of
Molecular Signal Processing at the IPB. The phd student and the
postdoctoral researcher will investigate signaling mechanisms plants
utilize to adapt to abiotic stress. The Quint Lab is generally
interested in signaling pathways -- especially those triggered by
phytohormones - that shape plant development. We follow a variety of
approaches including molecular biology, molecular genetics, population
and quantitative genetics, genomics/transcriptomics, and evolutionary
biology. Deadline for submission of applications is Sep 23, 2012. Please
send applications (reference number 15/2012 for phd student and 17/2012
for postdoc) including the usual documents and contacts of two
references as a single pdf by email to [hidden email]. The
positions are available from Jan 1, 2013 or upon agreement. For further
information, see and/or contact
[hidden email].

marcel quint
leibniz institute of plant biochemistry
dept of molecular signal processing

phone: +49-345-5582-1230

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