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Haiyang Wang
A postdoctoral position is available in Dr. Haiyang Wang's laboratory
at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research, Cornell
Research in the Wang laboratory is primarily focused on understanding
signaling mechanisms mediating light control of plant development
using Arabidopsis as a model system. We take multidisciplinary
approaches, including genetics, molecular biology, cell biology,
biochemistry, and genomics, to identify light signaling molecules,
and to elucidate their biochemical and cellular mechanisms in
transmitting perceived light information to regulate target gene
expression and plant photomorphogenic development (see Yang et al.,
2005a, Plant Cell 17, 804-821; Yang et al., 2005b, Plant J. 43,
131-141; Lin and Wang, 2004, Plant Physiol. 136, 4010-4022.). More
information about the Wang lab can be found at
Requirements: A recent Ph.D (within the past five years) in the
fields of plant biology, genetics, molecular biology or biochemistry.
Training in basic molecular skills (nuclear acids and protein
isolation, Southern, Northern and Western blot, PCR, genotyping,
plasmid construction etc.) is required. Prior experience in cell
biology skills (familiar with various types of microscopes) or
biochemistry (protein expression and purification, gel filtration,
DNA-protein interaction etc.) will be a big plus.  Individuals with
strong self-motivation, team-work spirit and good communication
skills are highly preferred.
         To apply: send a cover letter summarizing your research
interests, experience, and achievements, a CV and names of three
references to Haiyang Wang ([hidden email]). Please indicate in
your cover letter the job code BTI #2006-05.
          The Boyce Thompson Institute (BTI) is a private non-profit
research organization located on the campus of Cornell University,
Ithaca, New York. BTI is an equal opportunity employer.

Haiyang Wang, Ph.D.
Assistant Scientist, Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research
Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Department of Plant Biology, Cornell University
phone: (607) 254-7476
fax: (607) 254-1242
email: [hidden email]

Haiyang Wang
Tower Road
Boyce Thompson Institute
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY, 14853

phone: 607-254-7476
fax:   607-254-1242
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