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Richard Kurtz-2
To whom it may concern,

I am a high school science teacher at Commack High School on Long Island,
NY.  One of my students is interested in computational biology.  She wrote a
short note that I am sending to this group hoping to get a response.  The
note is below.
Thank you,

My name is Rachel Yang and I am a high school junior at Commack High
School.  I am  interested in working on a project that involves
computational biology and Parkinson's disease (PD). In my research I found
that PD is connected to a protein called alpha-synuclein, and I hope to
develop a program that can help predict the folding of this protein.  I was
wondering if you have any papers that may be helpful or if you know of
scientists that may be willing to help me..  Any advice that you could offer
would be greatly appreciated.

-Rachel Yang
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