TET-labeled markers on a ABI 3130xl

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TET-labeled markers on a ABI 3130xl

J. Albert Vallunen
Hi all,

We recently obtained a large quantity of microsatellite markers that we
would need to screen as soon as possible. The problem is that the dye
set of the primers is FAM, HEX and TET and not the usual three-colour
triplet FAM, HEX and NED that works fine with the 3130.

Since getting nearly a hundred of new NED-labeled primers to replace the
TET-ones really isn't an option I was wondering if anyone knows a way to
run TET-labeled markers on an ABI3130? Or is it impossible? I gather we
would need at least a TET-containing spectral calibration kit / matrix
for the procedure to succeed.

I know already that the "flourescent amidite matrix standard kit" for
the 310 system which is found on the ABI web page has the correct
labels, but is incompatible with 3130 due to having multiple peaks.
There also doesn't seem to be any other ready-to-use standards to meet
the criteria. I've asked also the local ABI tech support for an answer,
but they're still yet to provide a working solution.

Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated,


Albert Vallunen

J. Albert Vallunen, M.Sc., Graduate student
Laboratory of Genetics, Dept. of Biology
20014 University of Turku, Finland
tel. +358 2 333 7085

Home address:
Valaskalliontie 85
23140 Hietamäki, Finland
tel. +358 40 562 8587

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