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T7 terminator

Sebastiaan Werten
Dear list,

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the T7 terminator sequence as
used in T7-based expression vectors (e.g. the pET series) would also act
as an efficient terminator for the bacterial (i.e. host) RNA polymerase?

Also, I was wondering if this sequence will function "bidirectionally",
i.e. can it stop transcribing polymerases coming from either side?

I did try to find answers to these questions in the literature, but it
seems very few recent papers are available on the subject and most of the
older studies deal with T7 terminators that are completely different in
sequence from the one employed in pET vectors.

Any suggestions appreciated,

best regards,


Dr. Sebastiaan Werten
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Universität Greifswald
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