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Solexa Next-gen sequencing group

George Grills
Hi folks,

I am happy to hear of a discussion group for Solexa issues.  I suggest that
anyone with questions or issues regarding any next generation sequencing
technology platform also post their questions or comments on the ABRF
Discussion Forum (

- George

George Grills
Director of Operations of Core Facilities in the Life Sciences
Director of Advanced Technology Assessment
Life Sciences Core Laboratories Center
Cornell University
139 Biotechnology Bldg.
Ithaca, NY 14853-2703
Tel: (607) 255-9693
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>>From: madelaine <<mailto:[hidden email]>[hidden email]>
>>Date: February 25, 2008 3:54:02 PM EST
>><mailto:[hidden email]>[hidden email]
>>Subject: [Automated-sequencing] Solexa Next-gen sequencing group
>>Hi (potential) fellow Solexa users,
>>There's a new google group intending to cover all aspects of the
>>Solexa sequencing platform, so if you've got solexa questions (or
>>answers), please join and participate. Please pass this on to other
>>Solexa users you know.
>>Thanks a lot,
>>Madelaine Gogol
>>Programmer Analyst
>>Stowers Institute
>>[hidden email]
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