Seeking nominations from the community to serve on NAASC

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Seeking nominations from the community to serve on NAASC

Joanna Friesner-2
Dear Community member,

On behalf of the North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) I am
requesting nominations for new members to join NAASC for a 4 year term (fall
2012 ­ fall 2016).
(Only Arabidopsis researchers in North America can nominate, vote, and
serve.) This year we will hold the online election via SurveyMonkey in fall.

Simple Process:
-NOW- Email names of nominees to me (Joanna Friesner, NAASC Coordinator,
[hidden email])
- The nomination deadline is SEPTEMBER 5.
- An email with a link to a Survey Monkey with confirmed nominees will be
sent around September 16th. You can vote for up to 2 people.
-The voting deadline is SEPTEMBER 30.
-The top 2 candidates will be contacted and their willingness to serve
confirmed. Winners will be announced around the middle of OCTOBER.

Without the efforts of the NAASC, organization of the Arabidopsis Conference
and funding to attend the annual Arabidopsis conference for young scientists
and underrepresented minorities would be jeopardized.
For example, NAASC members recently applied for, and received, NSF funding
that provided full conference funding for 9 under-represented
minorities/teachers at minority-serving institutions and travel grants to 6
US early career scientists- to attend the recently-finished Arabidopsis
Conference in Vienna, Austira.

In addition, NAASC members support Arabidopsis resources such as the IAIC,
TAIR and ABRC, and represents North America to the international community.
NAASC members interact with important members of funding agencies that
support plant biology research. They also are called upon to provide input
and leadership into new initiatives such as the new International
Arabidopsis Informatics Consortium (IAIC) and Arabidopsis Information Portal

Service on the NAASC is important and highly appreciated. Two members that
rotated off this year need to be replaced; we need community members to
first nominate good Arabidopsis community candidates and then vote for
those willing to stand for election.

NAASC officers currently are (listed in order of most to least seniority):
Xinnian Dong (Duke University), Blake Meyers (University of Delaware),
Dominique Bergmann (Stanford), and Wolf Frommer (Carnegie Institution for

Their service to the community is much appreciated.

About serving on NAASC:
Members serve for four full calendar years, beginning around the date of the
Annual International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, and rotate off
following the Conference held in their fourth year of service.

-Originally established in 1992 in response to the need for elected North
American representatives to the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering
Committee, NAASC has evolved into the main organizing and fundraising body
for the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research when it is held in
North America.
-The NAASC solicits funds to help North American junior scientists and
minorities travel to these international meetings. Additionally, the NAASC
serves as a liaison between members of the community and government and
not-for-profit granting agencies and provides representation of the
community to service facilities such as ABRC and TAIR.
-NAASC members contribute expertise and community representation to relevant
initiatives and efforts in plant biology.
-The NAASC contributes to the annual progress report on international
Arabidopsis research efforts.

More information about the roles, history, and past members of the NAASC can
be found at:

Best regards,

Joanna Friesner, PhD
NAASC Coordinator

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