Request for Meliaceae presentations for IUFROLAT 2013

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Request for Meliaceae presentations for IUFROLAT 2013

Sheila Ward
Dear Ag-forst Digest:

Can you please post this announcement?


Sheila Ward


*Request for Meliaceae presentations for IUFROLAT 2013*

The Meliaceae Working Party (1.02.04 - Sustainable management and genetic
resources in Meliaceae) of the International Union of Forest Research
Organizations (IUFRO) is organizing session(s) on the Meliaceae for the
Third IUFRO – Latin America Congress (IUFROLAT 2013). IUFROLAT 2013 will be
held in San Jose, Costa Rica from June 12 to 15, 2013 and will focus on
research relevant to forest management and policy. Information on IUFROLAT
2013 (in English, Spanish, and Portuguese) is available at

For the Meliaceae sessions, we are requesting abstracts on the tropical
timber species of the Meliaceae (mahogany, Spanish cedar, etc.) on issues
related to their sustainable use. Topics could include, but are not limited
to, genetic resources, insect management, regeneration, ecology, forest and
plantation management, and policy and trade. Presentations will be 12
minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions. Poster
presentations are also welcome. Abstracts can be in Spanish, Portuguese, or
English, and the deadline for receipt by Sheila Ward is 20 December 2012 at
[hidden email]. (This will allow for assistance with
abstract corrections for final submission by 31 December 2012 for IUFROLAT

The format of the abstract (both oral and poster presentations) should be
as follows:

*Heading information:* Title; name(s) of author(s) in order of effort;
institution of first author; mailing address and e-mail of first author;
key words (5 maximum); relevant IUFROLAT theme and subtheme.

*Text:* Maximum of 400 words. State the study objective, the principle
findings, and the most important conclusions. Do not include tables,
figures, or references. Indicate whether you will make an oral or poster

IUFROLAT 2013 themes can be found at:

Abstracts will be peer reviewed for acceptance, based relevance to congress
themes, scope, quality, and originality. For details on abstract
preparation please see

There may be a reorganization of the studies in order to determine which
ones are most suitable for oral presentations or as posters, based on the
focus of the paper
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