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[Protein-analysis] Re: Interesting Question Regarding A Hypothetical Thermal Injury

Radium, let me assure that if you recieve a really bad Third Degree
Burn, both your skin and underlying flesh will in fact carbonize and
turn black.  When that happens, the healing time is very prolonged.

As a an experienced fireworks display shooter about this. Just citing
one of my three persoanal experiences of this type, on the first
occasion the molten dross from one of the flare that we used to ignite
display fireworks dropped onto my foot, burned though the sneaker that
I was foolishling wearing, and created a third degree burn of this type
on my foot. A doctor had to cut away the carbonized flesh in order for
it to heal properly.

While not diminishing the burn potentialil the value of an
oxy-acetylene flame, the simple fact is that your body will react
immediately to remove the source of the heat with often only a first or
second degree burn resulting (I know because I have an use one).  On
the other hand, if the dross from molten steel falls into your shoe and
you cannot immediately remove it, then you'll enjoy the experience of a
good, flesh carbonizing, third degree burn, which I hope you will never

Have you ever seen what a chared body removed from a fire looks like?
Hopefully you havent and never will. The smell is exactly like burnt
pork! That same odor is indicative of any thrid degree burn.

Harry C.

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