Predicting Beta-turns and Beta-turn subtypes

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Predicting Beta-turns and Beta-turn subtypes

Bent Petersen
Dear Colleagues
We are please to announce a new server called NetTurnP.

NetTurnP predicts if an amino acid is located in a Beta-turn or not.
Optional, NetTurnP is also able to predict the nine Beta-turn
Beta-turns are the most common type of non-repetitive structures, and
constitute on
average 25% of the residues in all protein chains. The formation of
Beta-turns plays
an important role in protein folding, protein stability and molecular
recognition processes.

Please test out our freely available Webserver:

and download the manuscript freely at:

As an addition to the Beta-turn predictions, Surface accessibility and
Secondary structure can be predicted using NetSurfP:

Comments are more than welcome at [hidden email]

Best regards,

Bent Petersen
Postdoctoral fellow,
Center for Biological Sequence Analysis
DTU Systems Biology
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