Practical Course in Biomolecular Modelling

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Practical Course in Biomolecular Modelling

Patrick Sticher-2
Dear colleagues,

please be informed that online applications are still accepted for the
following course until October 16, 2009:


January 10 - 15, 2010
Kandersteg, Switzerland

Course topics include
Simulation techniques, force-field development, conformational search,
computation of free energy and entropy, treatment of electrostatic
forces, simulation of folding, comparison of simulation with experiment

This course is primarily directed to PhD students and postdocs from
experimental structural biology groups wishing to learn more on
biomolecular modelling. The course format will include morning lectures
and late-afternoon/early evening tutorials, and provide ample
opportunities for discussions with experts and fellow participants.
Participants will be invited to bring own problems for tutorials and/or
discussion. The course will be organized as a winter retreat in the
Swiss Alps offering a stimulating learning atmosphere with the
afternoons available for informal participation in discussions, reading
and self-study or recreational activities in the area.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply online on
Application deadline will be October 16, 2010. We will be able to accept
20 participants to this course.

Best regards,
Patrick Sticher

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