Postdoc Position University of Florida, TALEN mediated mutagenesis of sugarcane

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Postdoc Position University of Florida, TALEN mediated mutagenesis of sugarcane

Postdoc Position University of Florida, TALEN mediated mutagenesis of sugarcane
Postdoctoral researcher position in TALEN mediated targeted mutagenesis of sugarcane is available at the University of Florida. The position will be part of our expanding plant metabolic engineering and bioenergy research focus, which is co-funded by USDA, USDOE and industry. The postdoc researcher will participate in the development of TALEN mediated mutagenesis and advanced genetic transformation technology for sugarcane. The research objectives include the development of a protocol for TALEN mediated mutagenesis of sugarcane and its application for sugarcane improvement and transgene stacking. The research will involve vector construction, tissue culture, genetic transformation, enzyme and reporter gene assays, qRT-PCR, sequencing of the targeted integration site, Southern blot analysis, biochemical analysis. For this position the incoming postdoc will have extensive experience in vector construction, molecular characterization of transgenic plants, tissue culture and genetic transformation of plants using agrobacterium-mediated gene transfer, experience with homologous or site specific recombination will be a plus.  The incoming postdoc will have an excellent command of oral and written English and scientific management skills. He or she will be able to prepare various reports, publications and grant proposals. We particularly encourage recent graduates with the relevant research experience to apply. Besides this postdoc position, we also welcome graduate students with external support to join us for our expanding bioenergy research.
The monocot biotechnology research program was established at the University of Florida in 2001 and has successfully developed advanced protocols for genetic characterization and improvement of sugarcane and other grasses via agrobacterium-mediated or biolistic gene transfer (2012 sugarcane publications: Plant <> Biotechnol J.<> (2012) Dec;10(9):1067-76; In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology – Plant (2012) 48:15-22; Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult (2012) 111: 131-141; Plant Cell Tiss Organ Cult (2012) 108:297–302). The general lab environment is collaborative, friendly, dedicated, and constructive. We expect our future colleagues to have three calibers. First, he or she should be highly motivated, dedicated, proactive on milestones, and enjoying scientific research. Second, he or she should have basic scientific training for aforementioned background, excellent communication, critical thinking and problem solving skills. Third, he or she would like to work relatively independently yet also be collegial. University of Florida is a major research university located in Gainesville FL. Gainesville, FL provides affordable and high quality living. For further information, please visit our website

If you are interested in this position, please submit your application by e-mail to Fredy Altpeter at [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>. Please provide also details on your US visa history (if foreign applicant), contact details of three professional references and earliest starting date.

Fredy Altpeter
Agronomy Department,
Plant Molecular and Cellular Biology Program
University of Florida, IFAS PO Box 11O300
3085 McCarty Hall
Gainesville, FL32611-300
Tel.: 352 273 3418 / 3401
Fax: 352 392 1840
E-mail: [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>


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