Position open for a post-doctoral fellow

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Position open for a post-doctoral fellow


We are seeking a competent post-doctoral scientist who will be in charge of
rice genetic studies at the Rice Research Project at IBRC.  He/she is
expected to carry out isolation and characterization of rice genes
controlling important agronomic traits, making full use of the rice genomic
information.   Please see our Home Page

Position open for a post-doctoral fellow
Subject:  rice genetics/genomics

Term: One year starting from May, 2006; subject to extension up to a total
of three years


Deadline of application: 31 April, 2006


Contact person for further information:

Dr. Hideo Matsumura  ([hidden email])


Applicants should send


1. Curriculum vitae

2. A list of publications

3. A letter of self introduction




Dr. Hideo Matsumura

Iwate Biotechnology Research Center

22-174-4, Narita, Kitakami, 024-0003

Iwate, Japan

e-mail for application: [hidden email]



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