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Adair Oesterle
Concerning the P-97 Puller
This is Adair Oesterle with Sutter and it has been brought to my
attention there is a question concerning leaving the puller on and
concerns with "warming up" the puller.

Leaving the puller on all the time has absolutely no effect on the
performance of the puller.
There is no needed warm up of the puller electronics or filament
transformer and the only effect this would have on the puller
is more wear and tear on the fan and the display. So I recommend turning
the puller off when it is not going to be used.

The only thing that really heats up on the puller are the brass jaws
that hold onto the filament and these heat up only when you are actively
pulling a pipette.
So, some people find that the first few pipettes are too big or not
quite right, so they pull 2-3 pipettes, toss them and then start keeping
the ones that were pulled after the brass jaws were warm ("warm"
generally means between 40-60 degrees Celsius).

So if you want to warm up the jaws before pulling your pipettes, you can
pull a few pipettes and then toss them and move onto making your
or another option is to pull the bars forward, load no glass, place a
rubber band around the puller bar knobs and press pull.
On a P-97 or a P-1000 the heat will stay on for 1.5 minutes and then the
puller will time out and give an error message.
By doing so you can warm the jaws up before pulling the pipettes.
As long as your heat setting is at the ramp value and not far above it
or below it, this will not damage the puller or the filament.
If you have a P-87 puller, the puller will not time out, so you should
not use the rubber band method and instead do this by hand.

If you have a newer rev of the P-1000, the Pre-Heat mode is one of the
NEW features in this puller. With this feature, you can go into the Menu
of the program
and select "Pre-Heat Jaws" and once this mode has been turned on, the
jaws will pre-heat to 70 degrees Celcius and this target temp will be
while you are using the puller.  This will help address and remove some
of the variability introduced from the range of temperatures of the
brass jaws,
but if you have a stable program (by using the mid-point velocity when
writing a patch program) you should not be experiencing variability.

Most variability has to do with:
1) The program settings are not ideal
2) NOT using the MID-POINT VELOCITY for making patch pipettes
3) The filament, air jet  and glass alignment are not correct.

Please see pages 9-16 in the Sutter Pipette Cookbook for proper
installation of a filament.
Then follow the instructions on page 30 in the Pipette Cookbook  to
establish the mid-point velocity and be able to write a stable program.

If you go through the following check list and provide the details in a
return email to me, I can review these details and see what might be
introducing your variability.

Sincerely, Adair Oesterle
415-328-6928 (cell)
415-883-0128 (office)
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2012 SFN satellite meeting "Phosphatases in Neuroscience" to be held in New Orleans on Oct. 12

Xia, Houhui
Dear Investigators,

You are cordially invited to attend this year's SFN satellite meeting
devoting to phosphatases. You can find detailed information on our

There will also be sessions of posters and short talks which will be
selected from submitted posters. The registration fee and hotel room are
very reasonable.

I look forward to seeing you in the meeting.

Best Regards,


Hugh Xia, PhD
Associate Professor
Neuroscience Center
2020 Gravier street, Suite D
LSU Health Science Center
New Orleans, LA 70112

(BTW: We have reserved block of rooms in La Quinta Hotel (301 camp
street) which is within the block from the meeting building---Pan
American Conference center (601 Poydras). The rate for one room on
Thursday night (1 1 king size bed or two double beds) is only $109 +tax.
) (La Quinta Downtown New Orleans is the much nicer hotel among la
Quinta Chain.)

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