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NAASC Election Results

Joanna Friesner-2

Thanks to all of you in the community that voted and nominated colleagues
to serve on NAASC.

The results for this year's election are:

Siobhan Brady, UC Davis and Keiko Torii, University of Washington- Seattle.
I want to especially thank all the outstanding nominees that were
recognized by the community and who agreed to stand for election to this
important committee. NAASC provides representation to the international
Arabidopsis community on behalf of North American researchers and helps
keep our community a collaborative one.
I hope that you will consider being part of next year's election- as a
nominee, a nominator, or a voter!

Additional nominees:
Mark Belmonte, University of Manitoba  

Dario Bonetta, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Savithramma Dinesh-Kumar, University of California-Davis              

Jose Dinneny, Carnegie Institution- Stanford          

Matt Geisler, Southern Illinois University- Carbondale        

Brian Gregory, University of Pennsylvania              

Zonglie Hong, University of Idaho              

Pradeep Kachroo, University of Kentucky

Patrick Krysan, University of Wisconsin- Madison

John Larkin, Louisiana State University    

Zhongchi Liu, University of Maryland- College Park            

Gregory Martin, Boyce Thompson Institute            

Niki  Robertson, North Carolina State University  

Jyoti Shah, University of North Texas        

Dorothy Shippen, Texas A and M University                

Zhiyong Wang, Carnegie Institution- Stanford        

Yangdou Wei, University of Saskatchewan            

Jing-Ke Weng, Salk Institute          

Xiuren Zhang, Texas A and M University    

Yunde Zhao, University of California San Diego    

--Joanna Friesner, PhD
NAASC Coordinator

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