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NAASC- Call for Nominations!

Dear North American Arabidopsis Researchers,


We are soliciting nominations for the election of two new members to the
North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC).  Continuing members
are Philip Benfey and Rob McClung who are completing their third years,
Judith Bender and Xing Wang Deng who are completing their second year of
service, and Xue Mei Chen and Joe Kieber who were elected last year. Members
serve for four full calendar years, beginning around the date of the Annual
International Conference on Arabidopsis Research, and rotating off following
the Conference held in their fourth year of service.

Originally established in 1992 in response to the need for elected North
American representatives to the Multinational Arabidopsis Steering
Committee, NAASC has evolved into the main organizing and fundraising body
for the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research when it is held in
North America. The NAASC also helps ensure solicitation and choice of the
conference site for every third meeting, which is held outside of North
America. The NAASC solicits funds to help North American junior scientists
travel to these international meetings. Additionally, the NAASC serves as a
liaison between members of the community and government and not-for-profit
granting agencies and provides representation of the community to service
facilities such as ABRC
and TAIR <>  .

More information about the roles and history of the NAASC can be found at:


Members of the North American Arabidopsis research community who have
previously served on the NAASC may be nominated, and if elected, may serve
on the committee again.


Any North American reader of the Arabidopsis newsgroup
([hidden email], may
nominate a candidate for the NAASC.  


This year, we request that nominations be made on or before March 31, 2006.


To nominate one or more candidates DO NOT reply to this message. Instead you
MUST send an email with the name(s) and institution(s) to
[hidden email].  Nominees will be contacted by the
NAASC to ensure that they are willing to serve if elected. A ballot of such
nominees will be sent out via the newsgroup as soon as this is accomplished
and all readers of the newsgroup may vote. The two candidates obtaining the
most votes will become the new members of the NAASC.


Thank you all in advance for your prompt nominations to this essential
Arabidopsis organizing body!





(Brenda Winkel-Shirley, Virginia Tech
Greg Copenhaver, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Philip Benfey, Duke University
Rob McClung, Dartmouth College
Judith Bender, Johns Hopkins University
Xing-Wang Deng, Yale University
Xue Mei Chen, University of California, Riverside
Joe Kieber, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)



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