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MaizeGDB NEW WEB interface testers needed!

Lisa Harper-3
Dear Maize Research Community Members,
        The NEW MaizeGDB is almost here and we want to hear your opinion before we go live!  
All maize researchers, including Breeders, PI's, Postdocs, Graduate students, Technicians, and Undergraduates from both industry and academic laboratories are encouraged to participate.  This is your chance to make your voice heard!  We need interested users to test the new MaizeGDB web interface. Contact us by November 9th, 2012- email Carson Andorf <[hidden email]>, Lisa Harper <[hidden email]>!  

More details below:

If you are interested in helping us test the web interface, please email Carson Andorf <[hidden email]>, Lisa Harper <[hidden email]>.  We will email you a short list of specific questions with links.  These questions will then be discussed at a conference call.  After the call, then next questions will come out, followed by another call a few weeks latter.  We have 5 calls planned.  Even if you are unable to participate in all the calls, you are still welcome to participate in those that meet your schedule.  This is not meant to be onerous, but rather we hope the specific questions followed by conference calls will make this easier for you.  We aim for 30 to 40 minute conference calls, but promise they will not last more than one hour.  We strongly encourage your participation in the conference calls on these dates:
Thurs, Nov 15, 2012
Weds, Nov 28, 2012
Thurs, Dec 13, 2012
Weds, Jan 9, 2013
Thurs, Jan 24, 2013
9am pacific/10 mountain/11 Midwest/12 East

Alternatively, If you would like to review the site on your own time schedule, and email your comments to us, please email Carson Andorf <[hidden email]>, Lisa Harper <[hidden email]>

Thank you!

Lisa Harper, PhD
[hidden email]

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