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FYI, see below.  This system is used by WoRMS and thus WPolyDb.

Maps are visible if you use the Polychaeta and other taxa specific interfaces.


WoRMS website now has > 4M hits & > 85,000 unique visitors per month





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Lead Editor WoRMS Polychaeta (WPolyDb)








Dear colleagues,


We are very happy to present to you Marine Regions, an online standard list of georeferenced marine place names, areas, regions, marine and maritime boundaries.


Marine Regions is created by merging information from the VLIMAR Marine Gazetteer and the MARBOUND database. These initiatives provide information on marine place names and on different marine and maritime boundaries, including the World Exclusive Economic Zones. The system defines different relations between the geographic objects (similar to, part of, adjacent to…) allowing the user to group joint geographic units and to create a hierarchical classification of different places. In order to preserve the identity of the marine geographic objects from the database, and to name and locate the geographic resources on the web, we maintain a persistent Marine Regions Geographic IDentifier, or the MRGID. The information is freely available and can be accessed through several web services which allow the user to have direct access to the geographic data, maps and metadata.


Marine Regions is initiated by the Flanders Marine Institute. With the launch of Marine Regions, we are also aiming at the establishment of an international editorial board, responsible for the content, quality control and promotion of Marine Regions. You can apply for membership by sending your contact details, interest and proposed contribution to [hidden email]


Looking forward to welcoming you at,


Marine Regions Management Team


Please consider the environment before printing this email.
NIWA is the trading name of the National Institute of Water & Atmospheric Research Ltd.
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