Job announcement: 3 Postdoc positions in Plant Sciences in Germany

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Job announcement: 3 Postdoc positions in Plant Sciences in Germany

Céline Hönl
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CEPLAS – Cluster of Excellence on Plant Sciences – from complex traits towards synthetic modules is a joint effort of Heinrich Heine University, University of Cologne, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research and Forschungszentrum Jülich. Researchers of these institutions are pursuing innovative strategies for sustainable plant production.
CEPLAS holds a unique position within the German Excellence Initiative as the only cluster focussing exclusively on plant sciences. It applies a new approach driven by evolutionary analysis and synthetic biology.

Future candidates participate in the structured, 2-year CEPLAS Postdoc Programme. The programme aims at providing our postdoctoral fellows with the best possible skills and expertise to allow them to achieve their personal career goals in all areas. Programme components are (scientific) training, mentoring, coaching and networking with industry.

We invite appliucations for the following projects:
- Investigation of plant secondary metabolite regulons crucial in plant-microbe interactions
- Using receptor kinase pathways to modify plant traits
- Diversity and functional consequences of protists and oomycetes closely associated with Arabidopsis

Detailed information and contacts for application: