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Funding: ERA-CAPS Funding Call Pre announcement

Joanna Friesner-2

US researchers- link below for Europe contains this information for NSF
'The National Science Foundation of the USA, an ERA-CAPS observer, will
accept proposals to a parallel call to be launched by the Plant Genomics
Research Program (PGRP) in November, in areas that meet the goals of the
pims_id=5338&org=IOS&from=home). Therefore, US researchers can apply in
tandem to the NSF to participate in ERA-CAPS consortia.'

Forwarded European Call:
First ERA-CAPS joint research call: ³Expanding the European Research Area
in Molecular Plant Sciences².
The new ERA-NET in molecular plant sciences, ERA-CAPS (Coordinating Action
in Plant Sciences) will soon launch its first joint call. The call is
foreseen to be opened in the middle of November 2012 and should be closed
by middle of February 2013.

14 funding organisations from 14 countries are participating: Austria
(FWF), Belgium (F.R.S.-FNRS), Denmark (DASTI), France (INRA), Germany
(DFG), Israel(MOARD), Italy (MIUR), Latvia (LZA), The Netherlands (NWO),
Norway (RCN), Poland (NCBiR), Portugal (FCT), Serbia (MPNTR), and United
Kingdom (BBSRC).

It is expected that the call will provide funds in the order of 18 million
Euros across the participating funders.

Project consortia should consist of a minimum of three partners from three
different countries, at least two of them being a participating ERA-CAPS
partner or observer country.

For more details ­ visit

Joanna Friesner
NAASC Coordinator

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