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Distance course in network biology

Heather Vincent
The University of Manchester's distance learning course, 'Bioinformatics
for Systems Biology' will begin again in October 2012.


The course can be taken as a single unit, or the credits earned could
count towards the distance Masters in Digital Biology.


Bioinformatics for Systems Biology covers:

* the use of models in biology;
* structure and use of public pathway and interaction databases;
* reconstruction of biological networks from experimental data;
* network statistics;
* interpretation of experimental data in the network context;
* advanced topics.

The final section will prepare participants for our advanced course in
'Computational Systems Biology'

You will find links to details of all our online courses here :

If you have any questions about the distance programme in Digital
Biology, please contact [hidden email]. To apply to
take a course, please mail our office for Advanced Professional
Education ([hidden email]).

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