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Distance Masters in Digital Biology

Heather Vincent
At the University of Manchester, UK, we now have nearly 15 years
experience in teaching a range of online courses in computational
biology. These courses are at Masters level, and are designed to enable
those with a background in the life sciences, computer science,
mathematics or related disciplines to update their skills, while
remaining in the workplace. The courses are also very suitable for home
study, helping you to keep in touch with a research environment while
taking a career break.


The distance MSc in Digital Biology includes the following modules:

* Bioinformatics for Systems Biology
* Introduction to Health Informatics
* Maths for metabolic modelling
* Computational Systems Biology


The individual courses can be studied by anyone wishing to apply
computational methods in their work. Those wishing to progress to the
MSc will complete a supported research project. The topics chosen for
the research project can range from oncology bioinformatics to efforts
to improve crops for semi-arid areas. These, and other, examples of
current and completed research projects are listed on the projects page.


If you have any questions, or would like advice on the options, please
contact our office for Advanced Professional Education ([hidden email]).

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