Collaboration is Central to Productivity in Immunology Research

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Collaboration is Central to Productivity in Immunology Research

Dear Immunology Researcher,

Research management and organization affects your productivity.
Another key factor of productivity is the number and quality of your
research collaborations.

Over 90% of researchers use localized computer files to organize and
manage their research while only 7% collaborate with others using the
Web, specifically Web 2.0 technologies.

This indicates researchers are not working as productively as they
could, because researchers who collaborate more are more productive
than those who do not.

MyNetResearch lowers the barriers to quality, global collaborations
with compatible researchers in your field.  It also provides
sophisticated team and project management to allow you to complete
better quality papers and proposals faster.

Join MyNetResearch for free to meet other quality researchers in your
field, build collaborations, use expert research tools, and work on
your projects. With over 16,400 global researchers, you can find
researchers in practically every research specialty.

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Bay Arinze, Ph.D
Senior Editor
Empowering Collaboration™
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