Call for Workshops at the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research 2013

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Call for Workshops at the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research 2013

Joshua Mylne
Dear arab-gen and ARABUK,

We are seeking applications from those interested in organizing a workshop to be held during the ICAR meeting in Sydney in 2013. Workshops will be allocated 90 minute time slots as part of the conference program (June 25th - June 28th). Workshop organizers must have registered (and paid) by the early bird registration deadline of March 1st 2013, if their application is successful. There will be no budget from ICAR to fund these workshops, but organizers are welcome to seek independent funding to support their application. Organizers will have access to the list of registrants and abstracts to select speakers should they wish to do so; these will be available in mid to late March 2013.  Please provide the following information:

- Workshop title
- Name of 3 people who will coordinate the organization of the workshop (organizers should come from at least 2 institutes)
- Aim
- Proposed content of the workshop (1 paragraph)
- Nominated speakers (3)

Applications should be submitted by email to [hidden email] by 15 December 2012; successful applicants will be notified by mid January 2013.

Also for this information see:


Dr Josh Mylne (ICAR2013 Sponsorship Chair)

Sent on behalf of: Dr Jean Finnegan (ICAR2013 Program Chair) & Prof Barry Pogson (ICAR2013 Chair)

Dr Joshua S. Mylne

Chemistry & Structural Biology Division
Institute for Molecular Bioscience
The University of Queensland
St Lucia, QLD, 4072, Australia

T: +61 7 3346 2021
E: [hidden email]

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