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Zoger Abigail
There are several videos that over the years have been invaluable for helping to teach concepts, especially in my plant biology classes; The Rotten World About Us , and Sexual Encounters of the Floral Kind, a video about plant structure and function done by the Annenberg Center but filmed at the Kew Gardens.  But these are so old and out of date that I'm not showing them anymore.

I'm interested in finding out new films that help to explain and teach important concepts both in biology in general and plant sciences in particular.   For example  I like the Rediscovering Biology series  ( ) that aims to bring HS biology teachers up to date on the advances in genomics, proteonomics, evolutionary biology, etc  but is an excellent series for my beginning biology majors.
Equally, I find the Darwin's Dangerous Idea series to be excellent.  I have my students watch the first episode that is a mixture of docudrama and explanation of current evolutionary biology instead of reading their text.
What else are people using?  Anything that could replace Sexual Encounter?  Or The Rotten World?

Abigail Zoger
Life Sciences Department
Santa Rosa Junior College
1501 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95401

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