Bioinformatics PhD position is offered in a Marie Curie Initial Training Network

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Bioinformatics PhD position is offered in a Marie Curie Initial Training Network

Traini Alessandra
PhD Research Project 8

Development of a gene network for modelling of pollen thermotolerance

Project description
All high-throughput approaches require the management and organization
of the data produced and the integration of the manifold existing
resources for the identication of variations with respect to
environment or genetics. The project will include the development of
an integrated database with metabolomic, transcriptomic and proteomic
data associated to information related to the many gene and gene
families involved. The objectives are

1) development of an efficient data management system,
2) integration of proteomics, metabolomics, and transcriptomics data
derived from different experimental efforts,
3) modelling of the regulatory network implied in the HSR, and
4) comparative analysis among heat sensitive and tolerant genotypes to
provide support for the functional analysis of major gene families
included in the response.
The project requires data management, data mining and advanced bioinformatics.

The group of Maria Luisa Chiusano, University of Naples Federico II,
Department of Soil, Plants, Environmental and Animal Production
Sciences, Laboratory of Computer Aided Biosciences, Via Universita
100, 80055 Portici, Italy, [hidden email], +39 0812539492.

The project web site:

PhD Alessandra Traini
Dept. of Soil, Plant, Environmental and Animal Production Sciences
University of Naples 'Federico II'
Via Universita' 100
80055 Portici, Naples,
Tel +39-081-2539246

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