Announcement: GenPept 190.0 available

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Announcement: GenPept 190.0 available

Gary Smythers - NED 0012691039-2

     This is to announce the availability of release 190.0 of the GenPept(R)
(GenBank Gene Products) Database.  GenPept is provided in a format similar
to that formerly distributed by GenBank(R) under the administration of
Intelligenetics Inc.  This GenPept release IS _NOT_ AN OFFICIAL RELEASE FROM
THE NCBI-GENBANK, but an attempt to provide a data file format compatible
with existing software products.  

This data format is suitable as an input data file for the GCG program
genbanktogcg -genpept.  Compatibility with other software has not been tested.


Directory: pub/genpept
Files:     gprel.txt.gz, gpdat.fasta.gz,
           gpdat_1.seq.gz, gpdat_2.seq.gz, gpdat_3.seq.gz, gpdat_4.seq.gz

Directory: pub/genpept/divisions
Files:     1 file for each GenBank file

Directory: pub/genpept/updates  (daily, cumulative)
Files:     gpseq_updates.dat.gz

Rel. Date: 06-20-2012

If you have questions or comments concerning this data, or you experience any
difficulty in downloading the data via ftp, please contact:

Gary Smythers  [hidden email]

GenPept (R) and GenBank (R) are registered trademarks of the U.S. Department
of Health and Human Services for the GenBank Gene Products and the GenBank
Genetic Sequence Data Banks.

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