2013 Int'l Conference on Biocontainment Facilities (BSL-3 * ABSL-2/3 * BSL-3Ag)

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2013 Int'l Conference on Biocontainment Facilities (BSL-3 * ABSL-2/3 * BSL-3Ag)

Bill Nothofer
Save the date and make plans now for your team to attend this conference:

The 2013 International Conference on Biocontainment Facilities (BSL-3 * ABSL-2/3 * BSL-3Ag)
Capital Projects * Operations * Maintenance * Safety * Security * Cost Control
March 18-19, 2013
San Diego, California

This (12th annual) conference is open to all involved in the facility plan-build-operate-maintain lifecycle for high containment facilities. It is the annual industry meeting for capital project planners, project managers, engineering and facility managers, scientists and researchers, operations managers, research program administrators, animal facility & vivarium managers, EH&S and biosafety officers, architects, engineers, consultants, who are concerned with the latest developments in construction, operations, safety, regulatory compliance, standardization, and cost-control for biocontainment facilities.

Details on registration are here: www.TradelineInc.com/BIO2013

The full agenda will be available in a few weeks.

At this conference you'll learn what leading research institutions are now doing to successfully address these six pressing biocontainment challenges:
 1. Controlling operating costs  
 2. Meeting new airflow control standards and regulations (Z9.14, BMBL 5th Edition, etc.)  
 3. Implementing new maintenance and operating standards and processes  
 4. Updating outdated facilities and equipment that are no longer safe, compliant, or economical
 5. Solving staffing challenges of fewer FTEs and inadequate skills to build and/or operate at BSL-3
 6. Eliminating operational uncertainties with focused commissioning and re-verification processes  

This is an opportunity for your capital project and operations team to get the latest innovative ideas, findings, and proven solutions that should be informing your high containment facility decisions, plans and actions for capital outlays and operational protocols involving:
. Capacities and operating budgets
. Room pressurization and air flow control
. Regulatory compliance
. Improved protocols for safe operations and maintenance - BSL-3, ABSL-2/3, BSL-3Ag
. New renovation and upgrade solutions for outdated labs and equipment
. Standardized commissioning, validation, and start-up processes
. Energy-use-reduction initiatives
. Building automation and environmental control system solutions
. New materials for flooring and wall surfaces
. Improved decontamination and waste treatment processes
. New air filtration and HVAC systems with longer service life and lower cost

Plus you and your team will have the opportunity to get up to speed on the fundamentals with this pre-conference course:
- The Fundamentals of Planning and Design of Biocontainment Labs and MEP Systems   www.TradelineInc.com/BioLab101

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (925) 254-1744 x 19 or [hidden email] .

Bill Nothofer
Director, Marketing
Tradeline, Inc.
Office: (925) 254-1744
Cell: (415)-533-3674
[hidden email]  

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