17th Annual Arabidopsis Meeting: Funding for underrepresented minorities

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17th Annual Arabidopsis Meeting: Funding for underrepresented minorities

Joanna Friesner
Dear Colleagues,


The North American Arabidopsis Steering Committee (NAASC) has applied for
grant money from the National Science Foundation to aid researchers from
under-represented minorities or from US Minority Serving Institutions,
Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and 1890 Institutions,
regardless of minority status, to attend the Seventeenth International
Conference on Arabidopsis Research (Arabidopsis XVII) to be held in Madison,
Wisconsin from June 28 to July 2, 2006.  For information about the
conference, please consult this website:


The awards will fully support the costs of registration, meals and
accommodation and travel to the meeting.  Awards will be announced promptly,
but will be paid as reimbursements to awardees after the meeting.
Registration can be done using a special "non-pay" link that we will send to


Eligibility:  Awardees must be full-time scientists (graduate students,
postdocs or faculty) in laboratories at a Minority Serving Institution,
Historically Black College or University, or 1890 Institution in the United
States (citizenship/permanent residency is not required, but you must be a
legal resident or legal visitor to the US).  Awardees need not themselves be
members of an under-represented minority group, as long as their
participation would further the long-term goal of increased participation of
under-represented groups in the Arabidopsis community.  To apply for funding
you need not submit an abstract to the meeting.


Application Process:     DEADLINE April 24, 2006 (please note that online
submission of abstracts must be done by April 17th and abstracts submitted
after this deadline will not be considered for oral presentation and might
not be included in the abstract book.  Late abstracts will be added to the
conference folder and the associated posters can be presented)


Submit the following information via E-mail to Joanna Friesner at
[hidden email].  The information should be in a single file
attached to an E-mail message.  The file must be in MSWord or PDF format.
Include the information in the body of the E-mail message, in case there is
a problem with your attachment.


A. Name, position, institutional affiliation, address, e-mail, phone,


B. If appropriate, title and abstract of proposed presentation at the


C. Where appropriate, citations of up to three recent publications


D. Statement of 200 words or less stating why you should be selected
for an award.


E. For reporting purposes, we also request that you state your gender,
ethnicity and race in the application.


F. If you are not a PI, have your PI send a brief letter supporting
your attendance at the meeting.



Recipients will be informed promptly.  Please note that US federal funds may
only be used to support air travel by a US flag carrier.


Please direct questions to Joanna Friesner at [hidden email].
<mailto:[hidden email]>  






Philip Benfey (Duke University)

Brenda Winkel (Virginia Tech)

Greg Copenhaver (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)

Rob McClung (Dartmouth College)

Judith Bender (Johns Hopkins)

Xing-Wang Deng (Yale University)

Xue Mie Chen (University of California- Riverside)

Joe Kieber (University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill)


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